Tia Leong, Cooper Stevenson and Danny Ungermann.
Tia Leong, Cooper Stevenson and Danny Ungermann. Cordell Richardson

Meet two people who just snagged 'Ipswich's best job'

IS THIS Ipswich's best job?

More than 300 applicants thought scooping ice cream at Ungermann Brothers on Limestone St was.

Owner Danny Ungermann said hands down, with the response they received from a simple Facebook post and what workers get to learn, it has to be up there.


Ungermann Brothers.
Ungermann Brothers. Cordell Richardson

"It's one of the best jobs in Ipswich, we believe, the guys get to learn about ice cream, they get to taste a lot of the ice cream and they get to learn how to make it and present," he said.

After Danny's mum went on holiday and decided to step down as manager, the hunt was on for someone to replace her.

"She's getting a little older and the hours aren't stacking up with her any more," Danny lamented.

"We put the ad up on August 20 and within 48 hours the Facebook post reached 21,500 people, it had 75 shares and 135 comments.

"We had to put a second post up 48 hours after, saying applications are closing by the end of the day because by that time we had 300 resumes through.

"The reason it has taken so long from August 22 to now is I had to read every single one of them," he said.


Cooper Stevenson and Tia Leong of Ungermann Brothers.
Cooper Stevenson and Tia Leong of Ungermann Brothers. Cordell Richardson

The advertised position was only for a casual, with Danny secretly hoping to find his mum's replacement as he went through the process.

"We only advertised a casual position, but there was actually a hidden full-time position in there as well," he said.

"We didn't advertise that because it would have brought a whole other list of applicants through."


Ungermann Brothers.
Ungermann Brothers. Cordell Richardson

After multiple rounds of interviews for casuals and potential full-timers, Danny landed on two likely candidates: Tia Leong, 22, from Brassall, and Cooper Stevenson, 14, from Borallon.

"The full-time took a little longer. We actually did (multiple rounds) of interviews, I made a lot of phone calls to people asking for availabilities," Danny said.

All up, Ungermann Brothers employs 14 direct staff.

"We have employees as young as 14, and then it goes right through to my grandmother who works in the kitchen as well, she's 74 and she still does two shifts a week," Danny said.

"Emerence, my mum, was the manager, she'll just be doing kitchen work now. We have a full-time cook, she started with us when she was 19, she's 21 now, she bought a house and she's moved closer to the shop.


Ungermann Brothers.
Where the magic happens in the Ungermann Brothers' kitchen. Cordell Richardson

Mr Ungermann said the majority of casual and full-time staff are younger workers, up to 19 years old. He said he prefers to take on green staff to train from the ground up.

"Everyone says their business focuses on customer service, but we are genuine when we say we want to focus on that. There's a bit of a story behind this building.

"We prefer, especially with a casual coming in, if they haven't had a job before so we teach them from the word go what our expectations are.


Danny Ungermann of Ungermann Brothers.
Danny Ungermann of Ungermann Brothers. Cordell Richardson

"And it's what the customers expect and they're not taking on any bad habits.

"Our clientele, with this building, it's been renovated to how it looks now. A lot of our customers will come in and say they used to go to TAFE here, they have memories of this place, their classroom was just upstairs - they want to have that conversation.

"We educate all the staff on the heritage of the place and encourage them to have open conversations with people when they come through."

Mr Ungermann said through the process, he's happy to train younger employees, as many milennials aren't willing to be hard workers.

"It's a different sort of person coming through," he said.

Ipswich's youth unemployment rate has decreased two points since last July, now down to 13.3 per cent.

The Bundaberg region is the worst area outside of outback Queensland (at 25.3 per cent) at 18.5 per cent, while Cairns is the best performing city in the state, with nine per cent youth unemployment.


Cooper Stevenson and Tia Leong of Ungermann Brothers.
Cooper Stevenson and Tia Leong of are happy to have snagged jobs at the Ungermann Brothers. Cordell Richardson

Casual position scooped up by 14yo

AT 14 most teenagers don't have too much to fill their resume with.

But Cooper Stevenson, Ungermann Brothers' newest scooper, managed to show his talent and interests, ultimately snagging the job 300 others were vying for.

"My mum told me about it, it was on Facebook. I applied by email, I was called a few weeks later for a group interview with four people," he said.

"We were asked some questions about how we would do working here, that sort of stuff. I had a resume that I gave them here as well after sending it to them via email.

"And two days afterwards I got an email asking me to come in for a trial shift the next day."

Mr Stevenson got straight behind the stick and started serving and scooping for customers. Despite his young age, Mr Stevenson managed to fill his resume work experience at his parents' business, as well as his interest in computers, models and musical accomplishments.

"I had some work in my parents' small business, that's on there too."

Mr Stevenson had his first shift last night, with his parents taxiing him in from Borallon for what he calls "a pretty interesting job".

"I'm really excited," he said.


Ungermann Brothers.
Ungermann Brothers. Cordell Richardson

Tia in hot demand for job in ice cream

THE opportunity of a lifetime just dropped into Tia Leong's lap when Danny Ungermann rang.

The 22-year-old from Brassall was looking for management work in the hospitality sector and out of the blue, she was in.

"I saw it on Facebook and I put my resume in," Ms Leong said.

"I got a phone call from Danny to do the phone interview. He said they're looking for someone, and then went into the part that wasn't in the ad - they were looking for a full-time employee going into store management.

"For me, that's something I was looking for - to manage something and then all of a sudden I was getting this opportunity right in front of me I didn't know I was applying for.

"I was definitely lucky in retrospect. I got a phone call (the afternoon after I interviewed) and Danny said I got the job."

Ms Leong comes from a hospitality background and has been champing at the bit to take on a management role since working at the Acacia Ridge Hotel.

"I had to turn down some other job offers for this one," Ms Leong laughed.

Ungermann Brothers are open from 11am until late, pop in and see them at 88 Limestone St, Ipswich.