TAKING OFF: Brisbane Valley Protein co-director Duncan Brown with a quail.
TAKING OFF: Brisbane Valley Protein co-director Duncan Brown with a quail. Rob Williams

Meet the tiny bird that's put the region on the food map

A TINY bird is about to put the region's produce on the map.

Quail are destined for plates in the finest restaurants in Asia including the Langham in Hong Kong and the Grand Hyatt in Singapore but back home in Coominya, businessman Duncan Brown has plenty of work to do before the birds set off on their journey.

He is one of the forces behind Brisbane Valley Protein Precinct, a master planned farm business spreading across 2500 acres that holds neighbours and international investors in the same regard.

A community garden is already keeping local people engaged but plans are in place to have Brisbane Valley produce on the plates of the world's culinary elite.

Stage one, including a quail farm, is expected to start exporting from September but there are another three stages and close to 10 years of development to come.

Stage two, with a tentative deadline of 2020, includes a road house, market garden, re vegetation and rehabilitation and visitor cabins while further down the line plans include a tertiary education facility and more tourism accommodation.

Two poultry farms, a quail farm and a game bird processing plant are all part of the grand vision.

"I never expected to be excited about chicken farming but I am quite excited about the possibility of producing so much protein so efficiently on such a small area of land," Mr Brown said.

"Given the global demand for protein is tipped to increase 30% over the next 20 years and the mining boom at that time seemed to be waning, it was the way to go.

"It seemed a shame that this attractive land was not that productive. If we can be growing protein like quail or beef efficiently here, setting up the infrastructure and exporting to the world, then that's securing something special for the area."

He said applications were in the process to classify the land as a food production area which would allow investors confidence the masterplan had preliminary approval.