Medical centre a boost for Fernvale

A SIZEABLE medical centre is set to be built in the booming town of Fernvale.

The 1375sq m centre will have more than 30 consulting, examination and specialist rooms as well as 102 car parks, including 18 undercover parks and ambulance parking.

Construction of the medical facilities on Simpson St, off the Brisbane Valley Hwy, has been approved by Somerset Regional Council.

Planning and development manager Brad Sully said the development was a boost to one of the fastest-growing towns in Queensland.

Along with the medical centre, construction has begun on a development site for eight commercial tenants. The development will be located near the existing produce store and tavern.

Mr Sully said the medical and commercial developments were coming at an appropriate time to help deal with the town's rapid growth.

Fernvale has had a huge growth in population and facilities recently, with one approved housing estate set to more than double the town's population.

The 1330-lot development was approved early this year and is set to become the biggest housing estate in Fernvale.

The Somerset area was recently identified as the third fastest growing region in the state.