Media Watch: Home and Away's armless mistake a reflection

Media Watch | Facebook

SOAPIES aren't usually on Media Watch's radar but the TV show said they couldn't go past the "continuity bungle" on Home and Away this week.

The ABC program posted two screenshots from Home and Away's Tuesday night episode.

In one picture, Kassandra Clementi's character Madeline Osborne is sitting on a bed with her right arm missing.

In another scene, on the same set, it is her left arm that is missing.

'Maddy' lost her arm after it was caught under a heavy load following the deadly explosion in an episode last week.

Fans were quick to pick up the armless mistake on Twitter.

"Haha anyone noticing Maddy's arm? Its changing from right to left! So noticeable (sic)," one viewer wrote.

"@Channel7 You kinda got Maddie's wrong arm chopped off in 1 of your scenes (sic)," another said.

Channel 7 was quick to reply, saying the arm bungle was in fact a mirror reflection.

"On @homeandaway last night Maddy was looking in the mirror so it appeared her bandaged arm was on the other side 1/2," they wrote on Twitter.

But the mirror theory left many, including Media Watch, confused.

"Yes, you would think the bandaged arm would be away from the lamp in a reflection. It is hurting my brain...unless there are two lamps?" Media Watch commented on their Facebook post.

After investigating the mirror theory, Media Watch updated their Facebook post declaring the 'mistake' was no mistake at all.

"UPDATE: mirror mirror on the wall...on reflection there was no bungle at all. 

"Our soapie watch days are over already," they wrote.