Community champion and businessman Peter McMahon.
Community champion and businessman Peter McMahon. Rob Williams

McMahon: We're on the right path to city prosperity

A FRESH breath of air is blowing across Ipswich's diverse landscape after 18 months of darkness, community champion Peter McMahon believes.

Mr McMahon joined Ipswich administrator Greg Chemello to launch the council's Boundary Review Discussion paper.

The businessman encouraged residents to have their say and revealed his own preference.

"We do need divisional representation," he said.

"We have a situation where people of Springfield wouldn't even know where Rosewood is.

"It's totally two different groups of people.

"They all have their own issues on a local basis."

Mr McMahon said the city battled through difficult times in recent months.

"There's been a few councillors/council workers who have gone off the rail and there's been a lot of people hurt in that time," he said.

Mr McMahon said the region had turned a corner.

"I can talk about the wonderful growth taking place in this town and it's so exciting to be part of," he said.

"Let's get on the new road and get it working.

"I see fresh air coming into the place... Greg has started that already.

"He's going to leave a legacy as I hear what he's doing, to make our town as big and good as it was."