A shot from Katter’s Australian Party’s advertisement about Campbell Newman’s support of gay marriage.
A shot from Katter’s Australian Party’s advertisement about Campbell Newman’s support of gay marriage. YouTube

McLindon: I'm no homophobe

DESPITE Katter's Australian Party receiving "vitriolic" mail in response to an anti-gay marriage ad, the party has denied being homophobic.

State leader Aidan McLindon said the party was not anti-gay, despite admitting his Twitter, email and messages had been inundated with complaints.

The ad, which highlights LNP leader Campbell Newman's personal support for gay marriage despite his party's policy of repealing civil unions, has come under intense criticism since airing.

The ad shows two shirtless men, with their chests pixelated, holding each other while a voice over asks viewers if they believe Mr Newman will "stand up for your family values".

Mr McLindon, who left the LNP in 2010, said he had received hate mail over the ads, but much of it was from members of his previous party.

"It was from people I have known from the LNP and it's mainly been text messages on my phone," he said.

Mr McLindon said while the party believed marriage was between a man and a woman, the ad was trying to highlight the disconnect between Mr Newman's personal and party beliefs.

"(The ad) highlights Newman's hypocrisy in saying one thing and doing another, and highlights that this is not a conservative party at all," he said.

KAP candidate for Bundamba Bernard Gaynor said while the party head office had received complaints, he hadn't.

"The (head) office has been bombarded with pretty vitriolic hate mail," he said.

"We've also received a number of emails of support."

Katter's candidate for Ipswich, Will Keys, said he hadn't received any complaints from Ipswich residents regarding the ad.

"I am against discrimination against homosexuals, but I believe marriage can only be between a man and a woman."

Mr Newman stressed that despite the ad's message, no State Government would be able to legalise gay marriage because it was a federal issue.

Mr McLindon said despite calls for the ad to be removed from the air it would continue to be shown for the rest of the week.