A man raped a woman in the drive-through of a McDonald's restaurant in Queensland.
A man raped a woman in the drive-through of a McDonald's restaurant in Queensland. John Gass /TWE170212maccas

McDonald's Monster: Drive-through rapist is free

A "MONSTER" who raped an elderly woman at a Queensland fast-food joint remains free despite repeated breaches of a strict supervision order designed to keep him from re-offending.

Benjamin Anthony-Lee Hunter was released from prison in 2017 after serving seven years of a nine-year sentence for the "monstrous" violent beating and raping of the 65-year-old Rockhampton woman on February 29, 2008.

Hunter attacked the victim as she walked through a McDonald's drive-through in Rockhampton's southern suburbs.

The woman had physical and sensory problems including being unable to speak properly and having to wear a colostomy bag.

"I'm going to kill you and rape you," Hunter told her as he knocked her to the ground, bashing her repeatedly around the face before raping her.

After the 3am assault, Hunter fled the scene leaving the victim alone and unconscious.

She had bleeding on the brain, her spine was fractured and she had lacerations and bruising around her face, elbows, hands, knees and other areas of her body.

The colostomy bag was also knocked out.

Hunter repeatedly lied to police about the brutal attack despite CCTV cameras filming him at the scene.

When he did confess, he blamed his actions on smoking 40-50 cones of marijuana half an hour before he raped the victim.

It was described as a 'monstrous attack' in court.

Hunter finally pleaded guilty to rape, attempted rape and grievous bodily harm, charges that could have seen him jailed for life.

However, he copped nine years with parole after serving 80 per cent.

He was also declared a serious violent offender.

Hunter was released on a strict community supervision order in March 2017.

He has breached the order twice by using non-prescription drugs and alcohol.

On Monday, Hunter faced Brisbane Supreme Court for the second breach where Justice Ann Lyons released him back into the community.

Justice Lyons noted Hunter spent the past four months behind bars and warned him he would return to jail if he continued to disregard court orders.

"It is very concerning that this is the second breach," she said.

"You will appreciate that you need very vigilant supervision."  - NewsRegional