The Mazda2 (DE) models are being recalled.
The Mazda2 (DE) models are being recalled.

Mazda2, Mazda3 and Mazda6 models recalled

MORE than 120,000 Mazdas have been recalled due to faulty driver's seats.

Vehicles being recalled include the Mazda2 (DE), Mazda3 (BL) and Mazda6 (GH). Those vehicles would have been on sale between September 4, 2007, and March 28, 2012.

In worst cases, the seat can suddenly change angle making the car hard to drive.

The announcement came just after the latest version of the Mazda6 was named judges' choice at Australia's Best Cars awards.

According to the latest Product Safety Australia "it is possible that the seat height adjustment lifter link may crack, or the lifter link retaining nuts may separate".


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The Mazda6 (GH) variants are being recalled.

"The seat may exhibit an abnormal noise or rattling. In the worst case, the lifter link may break or separate from the seat frame, causing the seat to move out of position," the statement said.

Mazda Australia will contact owners by mail who will be advised to take their vehicle to a Mazda dealership for repair at no charge.

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For the Mazda3 (BL) and Mazda6 (GH), it's the second recall within six months. During September they were identified has having defects due to "an inappropriate type of paint has been used on the end-cap of the external body of the liftgate stay dampers (struts)".


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Mazda3 (BL) models are being recalled.