Denise Morcombe's favourite photo of her son Daniel.
Denise Morcombe's favourite photo of her son Daniel.

Sunshine Coast mayor praises courage of Morcombe family

MAYOR Mark Jamieson has expressed his sympathy to the Morcombe family, on behalf of the people of the Sunshine Coast.

"The time has come for the family to finally lay Daniel to rest," CrJamieson said.

"What they have been through these last nine years can never be fully understood by any of us, particularly as all the uncertainty they have endured, followed by their grief, has had to be borne in the glare of huge publicity.

"I hope that Denise, Bruce and the family will understand that the public interest from their fellow Coast residents - indeed, the whole nation - has also meant that so many of us have accompanied them on their long journey in a spirit of compassion and support."

Cr Jamieson said that if anything was gained from the tragedy, it was that so many other children were safer because of the Morcombes' efforts.

"I have spoken to Denise and Bruce recently and, like so many, have been struck by their bravery in the face of such adversity."