Budget 2017.Deputy Mayor Cr Chris Trevor.
Budget 2017.Deputy Mayor Cr Chris Trevor. Mike Richards GLA040717BUGT

Power station push: "I love coal, I drink rum and coal"

"I LOVE coal, I bathe in coal, I drink rum and coal".

Those are Gladstone Region deputy mayor, Chris Trevor's words as he prepares to fight for a clean, coal-fired power station for Gladstone.

Cr Trevor and Mayor, Matt Burnett will meet with Resources and Northern Australia Minister, Senator Matt Canavan this afternoon to advocate for Gladstone.

"We are going up there to continue our action in lobbying very hard for a new coal-fired power station to come to Gladstone," he said.

"We believe we have all the right synergies in place for the new coal-fired power station to happen in Gladstone - we have salt water, we have the port and we have some of the best skilled and qualified workers in Australia, not only to build the plant, but also to man it."

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Cr Trevor said although places in North Queensland like Collinsville were lobbying for it to be built there, Gladstone was a better choice.

He said it would help with the "second wave of pain" coming to Gladstone when work ended at places like Wheatstone in Western Australia and the LNG projects in Darwin.

"We're going in there all guns blazing and we're not going to take a backwards step no matter how political it gets," Cr Trevor said.

"Matt and I are going to drive this agenda for the good of Gladstone and the common good of the community, because we believe in the project."

Federal member for Flynn, Ken O'Dowd has previously expressed his support for a new coal power station in Gladstone.

In March, Mr O'Dowd said a new plant, which could take up to seven years to build, could operate on the vacant land beside the existing Gladstone Power Station.

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The deputy mayor said he could understand why there was a big push to bring any new station to north Queensland rather than central Queensland.

"But there is not a box we cannot tick to allow this project to proceed in Gladstone," Cr Trevor said.

"I know there's going to be some opposition in relation to coal generally, but as I said publicly the other day, I love coal.

"We have a very proud history in central Queensland with our coal industry and we defend it with all our might."