Redbank's Ben Ungermann on MasterChef .
Redbank's Ben Ungermann on MasterChef . Channel 10

MasterChef is making dinner for Ipswich foodies

SINCE he finished second by one solitary point on last year's MasterChef, Ben Ungermann has become a fixture on the Ipswich foodie circuit. With the latest series about to start on Network Ten, Ben has managed to keep his profile up around the country and the world, including trips to the UK, Holland and Japan.

Not to mention his Ungermann Brothers business next door to Dovetails and The Pumpyard is continuing to get attention from foodies across south-east Queensland.

Next you'll find Ben as a special guest at the Jacaranda Dinner, a fundraising event for Ipswich Hospice on April 28 where Ben will be joined by his fellow Ipswich MasterChef contestant Nicole Stevenson.

The dinner will see Main Street at Orion Springfield Central closed down for the black tie event, which includes a five course degustation dinner and drinks.

"Life has sky rocketed and has been non-stop since the show ended," Ben said. "When I was made aware of this event and that they were closing down the Main Street in Orion to help reach their fundraising target, I definitely saw an opportunity to help out in any way I could.

"This is my first event with Ipswich Hospice but certainly will not be the last. It is such a worthwhile cause and hopefully we can help reach their target."

Ben could have opened his ice cream parlour anywhere in Australia, but being a proud Ipswich resident and with his family still entrenched in the community, he was stoked to open the doors right here.

"Being a local and growing up in Ipswich with my brother and sister it has been a really important mission to support and give back to our local community. They have always been there to support us so it is important to help wherever we can. I'm looking forward to this black tie event in the middle of Main Street, and I'm keen to enjoy the five course menu and see people enjoy some Ungermann Brothers creations as part of the dessert course."