Massive housing estate planned at mouth of bypass

A HUGE housing development is planned for Harlaxton on a key feeder road from the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing.

Developer George Weston Foods Pty Ltd submitted plans to Toowoomba Regional Council for a master planned residential community on Goombungee Rd, Bacon and Griffiths Sts and bordering Mort St, Harlaxton.

The council is spending $25 millllion to upgrade and connect Mort St to the Toowoomba bypass, with the road to be one of the main entries to the city.

The Northgate Vista Estate development will be built near a major entry from the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing into Toowoomba.

The  Northgate Vista Estate development will be made up of five precincts, including neighbourhood residential, hillside residential, mixed residential, local centre and open space precincts.

The developer is seeking approval to vary the effect of the Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme 2012.

The subject land is about 3km north of the Toowoomba CBD in an emerging residential area.

It comprises 16 separate but connected land titles and has a combined area of 54.93 hectares.

The land is mostly vacant and has been cleared in association with its previous use for agricultural grazing purposes.

Neighbouring businesses of the development include Lattice Designs and Adbri Masonry. 

Developers say plans will meet the recreational needs of the proposed community and surrounding areas.

The proposed layout and design of the Northgate Vista Estate is predicated to provide a high level of pedestrian connectivity as a means of encouraging community activity. 

The design of the Northgate Vista Estate planned for Harlaxton.

Makeup of the development

Precinct 1 - Neighborhood Residential

  • Predominantly for detached dwelling houses and dual occupancies supported by small-scale community and local service uses that cater for the needs of local residents.

Precinct 2 - Hillside Residential

  • Suitably designed low-density detached dwelling houses and dual occupancies with areas of the preliminary approval area that are constrained by slope. Residential siting and design in this precinct is intended to be suitable for and responsive to the natural topographic features of the land.

Precinct 3 - Mixed Residential

  • A range and mix of dwelling types including dwelling houses on a mix of allotment sizes, dual occupancies, multiple dwellings and residential care and retirement facilities supported by community uses and small-scale services that cater for local residents.

Precinct 4 - Local Centre

  • A limited range of retail, commercial and community activities to service local needs. It includes local shopping, local employment nodes, commercial, cafes and dining, entertainment, community services and residential development where it can integrate with and enhance the fabric of the activity centre.

Precinct 5 - Open Space

  • Local and district scale parks that serve the recreational needs of a wide range of residents and visitors. Development in this precinct where required to meet community needs may include shelters, amenity facilities, picnic tables, playgrounds and infrastructure to support safe access and essential management.