Masseur charged with raping clients on massage table


A former masseur who is facing trial on 44 charges, including seven counts of rape, offered one client a "Hawaii Five-O" massage before sexually assaulting her, a court has been told.

Crown prosecutor Judith Geary told Brisbane District Court Charles William Davidson committed sexual offences against 15 women and a girl, aged 15, while massaging them.

The offences were allegedly committed in Brisbane, Maryborough and Hervey Bay, at Davidson's home, or at physiotherapy or chiropractic clinics where he worked.

Davidson is alleged to have sexually touched all the females, massaging breasts without permission, testing for "nipple reaction'', and touching vaginal areas of naked or semi-naked clients.

He has pleaded not guilty. The offences were allegedly committed between 2003 and 2015.

In the Crown opening, Ms Geary said Davidson suddenly changed into a sarong while giving one woman a hakuna Hawaiian-style massage and offered to wax her pubic hair.

After she refused the offer, he then digitally raped her, Ms Geary said.

At one point in the massage Davidson allegedly pulled the woman's hand towards him, so that it touched his penis, and then kissed her vaginal area, over the top of her underwear.

Davidson allegedly discussed erogenous zones with another female client, whom he allegedly sexually assaulted, after telling her masseurs of today did not know how to pleasure a woman. He also allegedly raped and indecently treated a child, 15, at his Maryborough home, shortly before her 16th birthday.

Davidson digitally raped the girl, who had known him for years, and kissing her in the genital area, Ms Geary said.

The following day, the girl tried to avoid Davidson, but he told her she had a beautiful vagina and she should shave it and offered her some cream, the court was told.

Ms Geary said Davidson got an 18-year-old to model a G-string he had designed before offering to massage her at his home, telling her he did not want her to think of him as a father figure but as a friend.

She said Davidson sexually assaulted the woman by massaging her breasts, without her consent, pinching and twisting her nipples before telling her: ''Your senses are working perfectly''.

Davidson also is charged with sexually assaulting her by touching her clitoris and exposing her genital area.

He allegedly raped and sexually assaulted another client, touching her breasts and vaginal area, after telling her he favoured erotic massages.

Ms Geary said after telling the woman that during a previous massage he had seen beads inside a client's vagina, he raped her by inserting his finger into the woman's vagina.

After the massage session Davidson allegedly offered the woman his personal phone number "in case she wanted to hook up again'', Ms Geary said.

She said the distressed client left, but returned and told a physiotherapy centre receptionist what had happened, and confronted Davidson about touching her breasts and vagina.

Ms Geary said after Davidson told the woman she needed a hug and denied the touching, she became angry and hit and kicked him.

During what was supposed to be a remedial massage, Davidson massaged another woman's breasts, telling her he had helped another client orgasm during a breast massage, she said.

Another time Davidson asked the woman if she wanted an Hawaii Five-O massage and then slid his fingers between her bottom cheeks, touching her anal area, the court was told.

Ms Geary said while massaging another woman he told her he did erotic massages at his house, but after she said she was not interested, he allegedly sexually assaulted her by touching her breasts and nipples.

The trial is expected to run for three weeks and hear from more than 50 witnesses, with alleged victims giving evidence in a closed court.


Originally published as Masseur charged with raping clients on massage table