Road markings out of line

NOT even commonsense could get in the way of remarking this road.

William Gordon drives along Dawson Hwy daily.

The Clinton man contacted The Observer to complain about the dodgy new paint job.

"This is just outrageous ... the waste of money," Mr Gordon said.

"The job is clearly going to have to be redone."

Rather than clear the rubbish and pull the weeds and grass, the lines have been drawn on top of the leaf litter in the gutters.

It's particularly bad outside Gladstone State High School.

But Mr Gordon said the shoddy workmanship extended as far as the Kin Kora roundabout.

"There's debris from a crash - they've painted straight over the top of it," he said.

"I hope some people are suitably embarrassed."

The Department of Transport and Main Roads is responsible for the road's maintenance.

A spokesperson said any necessary remarking was done yesterday.

But when The Observer went out about 3.30pm there was no change.


Transport and Main Roads is currently linemarking around the Gladstone Region as part of routine maintenance of the state-controlled road network, including on Gladstone-Mt Larcom Road and the Dawson Highway.

The routine maintenance is being delivered at night to minimise delays for motorists, however, this means visibility is reduced.

Not all debris is identified and cleared by the advanced street-sweeping operations for this reason.  

The contractor ensures follow-up inspections are carried out the following day and locations which need to be revisited are recorded and programmed to be completed as soon as possible.

The linemarking along the Dawson Highway was inspected this morning and sections which needed re-marking were completed today (Thursday).

Linemarking is part of the region's ongoing maintenance program.




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