Education Minister Kate Jones.
Education Minister Kate Jones.

MARKING FAIL: Education minister must fix Ipswich "debacle"

THE Opposition has joined Ipswich parents in demanding answers on how a school could have made such a significant error on Year 12 assessments.

About 15 students at Bundamba State Secondary College are believed to have been affected by a cross-marking bungle discovered in July. Parents have told the QT how disappointed they've been with the lack of honest communication from the Education Department.

While the Department said the students have been offered extra tutoring to help them pass the affected English class, parents - and the wider community - still have no answers on exactly what happened, how it happened, and what has been done to stop reoccurring.

LNP MP Tracy Davis said Education Minister Kate Jones needed to step up and provide answer to the families.

"Students and parents should have confidence in the secondary assessment process," Queensland's Shadow Education Minister Ms Davis said.

"There are too many unanswered questions as to how the marking debacle got to this point unchecked by the Education Department.

"I am disappointed that Labor's Education Minister Kate Jones has not sought to give certainty to the assessment process by coming clean on what has happened."


Child Safety Minister Tracy Davis at the launch of Transition to Independence (T2I) month held in Ipswich.
LNP MP Tracy Davis Contributed