QT trot columnist and harness racer Denis Smith.
QT trot columnist and harness racer Denis Smith. David Nielsen

Marburg's next big meeting to enjoy


AFTER a moderately successful meeting at "the Burg" on Thursday, the Marburg Pacing Association gears up again for next Sunday.

The June 2 traditional "family day'' will feature kid's activities, mini-trotters, "funny money" and a raffle, all combined with high powered country racing, food, and cheap beverages.

It's all value oriented with admission $5 for adults and $3 for pensioners, members and students.

The all important "pick the last seven winners"entry form and the $500 funny money voucher in the race book.

Come and join us on the day.

You won't be disappointed.

Ballot box a powerful weapon

A LETTER from Townsville light harness devotee Troy Clive to a sitting member, as the people determined to return the sport to North Queensland, dig in for the long haul.

In a democratic society such as ours, political parties are permitted to conduct a form of auction of attractive policies, in order to woo voters in the run up to an election.

The voters are faced with the task of of sorting the wheat from the chaff.

They have only one tool with which to exercise their right of choice. It is called the ballot box, and it is a powerful weapon indeed, as illustrated by events of last weekend.

The letter to Aaron, Member for Thuringowa states:

I tried to call you tonight to give you an opportunity of trying to fix this before issued the enclosed Ministerial letter to the media in conjunction with the Federal Member and Member for Hinchinbrook.

As demonstrated on the enclosed just weeks prior to the Federal Election your Minister turned his back once again on the North. Even when put forward a viable return for the north Racing for less but wait for it.

In the words of the appointed RQ Government appointed staff, it is not viable for the participants even if the participants agree on this.

The national result is not just about Adani. It is about State Labour not listening.

I have written 20 letters to the Premier with no response to date. Had discussions with Ben from the Ministers Department and again now it has got too hard.

In the words of Brendan Parnell, the Ministers appointed CEO Albion Park in Brisbane is losing around $65K per meeting on a Saturday night not to mention the other Queensland clubs yet Townsville will not be given the go ahead by the number supplied in the last proposal to give a return to the industry of $2k per meeting based on Brendan's numbers and the decreased prizemoney.

This shows North Queensland wiling to work for the better of the industry not just their own interests.

If you are serious on repairing the damage to the area in all of your electorates start listening to all sides.

We were there backing Phil because we cannot support a party that does not support us.

We have over 500 members and remember most of them have relations we talk to so damage can be completed at a state level if you choose to ignore us.

I am happy to meet again and discuss, or do you just see us as a non-political issue as stated by one of your members.


Timing is a crucial element in most enterprises.

In my in-box, in the same 24 hour period, comes the news that Racing Queensland has commissioned an Economic and Social Impact Study to measure the size and scope of the Queensland Racing Industry.

They have engaged strategic planning consultants IER to undertake this project.

RQ said the study was designed to provide Racing Queensland with an evidence-based assessment of the importance of thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing in Queensland.

"In order to complete the most accurate study possible, we are asking clubs to complete a survey focussing on their local racing industry and community,'' RQ said.

People are asked to complete the survey by Friday, May 31.

The above could perhaps be construed as an attempt by a thoroughly alarmed Control Body/Government to prove or disprove the relevance of animal racing with wagering in the community/economy, given the present political climate.

Handy tips

BEN Crosby's Albion Park selections.

Race 1: 9 Jumping Jolt.

Race 2: 3 Clarkey.

Race 3: 2 Little Change.

Race 4: 12 Mr Kalypso.

Race 5: 3 Elienark.

Race 6: 5 Lilac Flash.

Race 7: 4 Ashkii.

Race 8: 4 Soulwriter.

Race 9: 1 As Good As It Gets.

Race 10: 4 Amaya Becomes.

Race 11: 7 Spud.

Honour board

ON the leader board this week drivers Adam Richardson, Narissa McMullen, Hayden Barnes and Pete McMullen were tied on three wins apiece, when along came Adam Sanderson. He pipped his opposition right on the post with that important fourth win. Chantal Turpin was top trainer with a solid three starters getting the money.

There were several very pleasing efforts this week, with Justin Elkins driving a Saturday night double, and partnering long shot Under The Kilt for a delighted Warren Hinze. Marburg was good for Danny Gatt-Bouquet scoring with the Mitchell Dawson trained Zed Code. Ipswich factor: 29/43.

Redcliffe, May 17: Lurah (Jonah Hutchinson for Darrell Graham); Shadow Hunter (Adam Richardson for Steve Coombs); Elzboy (Brendan Barnes for Steve Towns); Raging Inferno (Narissa McMullen); Our Delight (Taleah McMullen for Chantal Turpin).

Albion Park, May 18: Opononis Bliss (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin); Lincoln Road (Hayden Barnes for Alistair Barnes); Corey William (Justin Elkins for Peter Greig); Northview Hustler (Hayden Barnes for Alistair Barnes); Tulhurst Ace (Taleah McMullen for Chris Monte); Under The Kilt (Justin Elkins for Warren Hinze); Maybe To The Max (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis); Jossie James (Adam Sanderson for Wayne Graham).

Albion Park, May 25: Garland Greene (Narissa McMullen for Steve Cini); Much Bettor (Adam Sanderson for Ian Gurney); Sugarkane (Matt Elkins for Vic Frost); Bangkok Bravado Kelli Dawson for Shane Fraser); Monivae Pete McMullen for Ron Sallis); Just Deal It (Adam Sanderson for Ian Gurney).

Redcliffe, May 22: Ima Top Tycoon (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers); Torque With Esteem (Chantal Turpin); Village Cruiser (Adam Richardson For Errol O'Shea).

Marburg, May 23: Cavalryman (Jacob Wallace for Clint Petroff); Domestic Art (Hayden Barnes for Wayne Davis); Major Slip Up (Pete McMullen for Bill Crosby); Montana Chief (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham); Zed Express (Danny Gatt-Bouquet for Mitchell Dawson); Caesars Astrum (Adam Richardson for Richard Hutchinson); Alpha Styx (Jonah Hutchinson for Mal Charlton).