MAP: Complete guide to Chronicle Garden Competition gardens

15th September 2017 12:00 PM
UPDATED 18th September 6:47 AM

THE Chronicle Garden Competition gardens attract thousands of people each year, with visitors and residents wanting to check out the work of award-winning green thumbs.

Gardens will open throughout the carnival period from today until Sunday, September 24.

The Chronicle has compiled a map of all gardens in the competition including city residential, country residential, city commercial, not-for-profit, country businesses and schools.

There are also four self-driving maps for those who want to spend a few hours visiting a number of gardens in the area.


1. Self-drive garden loop from Queens Park

• Queens Park Botanic Gardens
• Toowoomba Clivia Society Show
• Hanging Basket display at Cobb + Co Museum
• Boyce Gardens - Heritage Listed gardens
• Five competition gardens
• One exhibition garden


2. Self-drive Spring Bluff and Highfields

• Spring Bluff Railway Station
• Highfields Pioneer Village
• Abbie Lane Arts and Crafts Village
• Three competition gardens
• One exhibition garden
• Meringandan Hotel
• Peacehaven Botanic Park


3. Self-drive garden loop from Picnic Point

• Picnic Point lookout and parklands
• Toowoomba Orchid Society Show
• Five competition gardens
• Two exhibition gardens


4. Self-drive garden loop from Laurel Bank Park

• Laurel Bank Park
• Teapot Extravaganza
• Four competition gardens
• One exhibition garden
• DownsSteam Tourist Railway and Museum
• Japanese Garden Ju Raku En
• City Golf Club


  • See our online The Chronicle Garden Competition Visitor Guide here.