Methamphetamine also known as crystal meth
Methamphetamine also known as crystal meth kaarsten

Shock as miner wastes $110K redundancy

A MINER made redundant in 2015 got so addicted to methamphetamines, he'd buy the illegal substance in bulk.

This decision led to police finding him with 11.37g of pure meth during one of three raids.

Dale Chris Bauer, 47, pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court of Rockhampton on Thursday to many charges including drug possession, possessing weapons, drug utensils, property suspected to be used in process of crime, explosives and restricted drugs.

The court heard police raided Bauer's Gladstone home three times in 2016, on February 1, February 26 and August 4, which led to the charges along with four breaches of bail.

Police found mobile phones, a pipe, scales, 10 diazepam tablets, $5,800 cash, a taser, a knuckle duster and ammunition during these raids.

Defence barrister Stephen Kissick told the court how Bauer, a father of five, became a sole parent after his first partner was killed in a car accident in 1997.

He said he had worked for BHP for 11 years, but stopped after the death of his partner, along with a friend who died on a mine site and his grandfather.

Mr Kissick said Bauer returned to work three years later while his daughter was cared for by a grandparent.

Between returning to work and being made redundant in 2015 while working at Blackwater, Bauer had two more relationships which resulted in three more children. His current partner gave birth six months ago to a girl.

Mr Kissick said Bauer had not returned to work after receiving a $110,000 redundancy package, on top of his $3200 fortnightly income protection insurance payout, due to a shoulder injury for which he will receive surgery on in the coming months.

He said Bauer used the payout to fund his meth addiction, which saw him injecting or smoking 1g a day up until his pre-sentence incarceration.

Bauer even sold boats and other items to fund his addiction.

"You threw away lots of money," Justice Duncan McMeekin said when handing down the sentence.

"To an extent, you threw away your life."

Justice McMeekin made reference to the fact Bauer had not come to the attention of authorities for at least 10 years and his three-page criminal history starts when he was 17 and he attempted to torch a police car and stole alcohol from shops.

He sentenced Bauer to an 18-month prison term, declaring 82 days pre-sentence custody, with immediate parole.