Slade Point father threatens his neighbour with a cane knife over a dead cat.
Slade Point father threatens his neighbour with a cane knife over a dead cat.

Man threatens neighbour with cane knife over dead cat

A SLADE Point father armed himself with a cane knife after finding the beloved family cat dead in the yard.

William Ririnui flew into a blind rage and blamed his neighbour's dog.

He made threats against his neighbour and took swipes at his fence and boat damaging his own property over the loss of the eight-year-old pet.

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The 51 year old had returned home from a seven-day stint at the mines and was having a few drinks with his neighbours, including the dog owner, on March 14 this year.

Mackay Magistrates Court heard he had polished off about half a carton of beer when he noticed the dog "hanging around" his Finch St property.

"That's when he became aware that his cat had been killed," defence solicitor Chris Colwill said adding that his client "went into a rage".

The court heard there was nothing to indicate the dog had caused his cat's death.

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This particular neighbour had moved next door about six months earlier, and they occasionally had drinks together when Ririnui was home.

"It's an odd situation," Magistrate Damien Dwyer said.

"You're still mates … you were mates before you found your cat dead in the front yard and you blamed his dog,

"We don't even know if it was his dog that did it.

"So you grabbed the cane knife … you damaged your own fence and your own boat."

Ririnui, a father of two, pleaded guilty going armed to cause fear and trespassing.

"He's apologised to the neighbour, he tells me his actions are inexcusable," Mr Colwill said.

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"He has no idea what happened."

Ririnui was placed on a $1000 12-month good behaviour bond and convictions were not recorded.