A Koongal man has claimed four men targeted his home in a brazen attempted robbery on Tuesday night.
A Koongal man has claimed four men targeted his home in a brazen attempted robbery on Tuesday night. Tom Weber

Man targeted in terrifying attempted home invasion

FOUR brazen thieves left a Koongal man shaken after he claimed he was ambushed at his home and had his power turned off on Tuesday night.

The man's sister spoke with The Morning Bulletin, describing her brother's ordeal in detail to warm other residents of the possible dangers.

She said she believe the thieves had attempted similar break-ins across Rockhampton.

The Rockhampton woman said her brother had previously heard of similar attacks and was concerned the same thing was happening to him when his power went out.

"The first time he went out he saw not just his safety switch had tripped but many of the switches were down," she said.

"We believe they did it twice to see if someone would come out and if they would be alone or unarmed."

The second time it happened, the man was suspicious because his air-conditioning was still on.

Hearing about similar incidents, the man said he went outside armed with a pool cue only to be ambushed by four men armed with sling shots and bricks who began throwing bricks at him.

Making it inside after trying to get the attackers to leave, the man said he tried to dial 000 but was interrupted by one of the robbers who forced their way into the house and demanded money.

Shaken by the incident but uninjured, the woman says her brother wants to warn other Koongal residents to be vigilant and to stay safe.

"He believes he was targeted as he was the only house in the cul-de-sac still with lights on," she said.

"It seems like a good opportunity to let people know of the danger of this luring tactic and how to best go about protecting yourself since it's happening in the community."

According to the woman, her brother gave a statement to police late Tuesday night and they are looking into the incident.

Police confirm they are currently investigating a number of incidents in the Koongal area, but were unable to confirm if this incident was among those.