Man sprung with garden full of marijuana plants

POLICE called to a home about a disturbance instead found a garden full of marijuana plants.

Philip Desmond Dyball, 32, pleaded guilty in Maryborough Magistrates Court on Monday to possessing dangerous drugs.

The court heard police attended the address on December 23 last year after reports of a disturbance.

The officers observed a marijuana plant about 150cm tall in the yard, along with seedlings between 10cm and 30cm.

In total the plants weighed 107 grams, the court heard.

Dyball was single, the court was told, and had been out of work for about two weeks.

He had a position building sheds, but business had dried up and he had lost his job.

The court heard the marijuana was for his personal use only as he had trouble sleeping.

Magistrate Terry Duroux said Dyball needed to seek help for alcohol and drug use.

"Stay away from drugs, Mr Dyball, they will screw up your whole life," he said.

Dyball was fined $1000.