A man emerges after being trapped in floodwater for two nights and a day.
A man emerges after being trapped in floodwater for two nights and a day. LifeFlight

Man spends two nights and a day trapped in floodwater

UPDATE: A MAN spent two nights and one full day trapped in floodwater southwest of St George.

In the end, he walked to safety, guided by a RACQ  LifeFlight aeromedical crew.

The man was travelling along Dirranbandi-Hebel Rd when he was trapped by floodwater at Narran Creek causeway on Sunday night.

He remained perched on top of his vehicle until a passing truck driver reported the incident to emergency services on Monday night.

A Queensland Fire and Emergency Services spokeswoman said darkness and isolation  delayed an immediate Rescue effort, meaning the man waited until Tuesday before reaching dry ground.

LifeFlight aircrew officer Bryce Duke said the man was in good spirits.

"We found a patch of highway that was clear of the water about 400-500m from where the man was," Mr Duke said.

"It was around a bend, and he actually waded through the water to get to us."

Mr Duke said it would have been difficult for the man to identify a route to dry land given where his car was lodged.

The man was flown, uninjured, to St George Hospital at 9.20am yesterday.

While LifeFlight is often called to pluck people from floodwater, Mr Duke said two nights was an unusually long time to remain stranded.

Correction: It was initally reported that the man became trapped Monday night. This was not the case. 

9:30AM A LifeFlight aeromedical crew is looking for a man trapped in floodwaters west of St George.

A Queensland Fire and Emergency Services spokeswoman said the chopper team will assess the situation before it returning with a swift water rescue team.

The man is trapped about 4km north of the Narran Creek causeway, off Dirranbandi-Hebel Rd.

Initial reports suggest the man's vehicle was washed off the road about 9pm Monday night. 

The QFES spokeswoman said emergency services crews were working with nearby landholders to identify the best way to access the remote location.

7.45AM: A man is waiting in floodwater outside Dirranbandi after spending the night trapped. 

A Queensland Fire and Emergency Services swift water rescue crew is en route, along with a rescue chopper tasked out of Toowoomba. 

The man became trapped on Dirranbandi-Hebel Rd about 7pm last night but rescuers were force to wait until daylight to assess the situtation. 

A QFES spokeswoman said the man was not in any danger.