How not to propose. Photo / Weibo / Screengrab
How not to propose. Photo / Weibo / Screengrab

Man spends $100k on 99 iPhone proposal and she says no

LOOKING for a cheap iPhone 6 from a heart-broken bloke?

This guy could be your best option.

A Chinese programmer so sick of being single proposed to his girlfriend in a heart shaped with no less than 99 iPhones, costing over $100,000.

The tragedy of China's Singles Day gesture was that she said no, despite the guy offering over flowers to seal the deal.

Media reports say the young Guangzhou tech worker spent 500,000 yuan on Apple's latest gadget, the equivalent of two years' annual salary in the country.

In front of his colleagues and friends, she turned him down, with the resulting photos emerging on the Weibo social network.

Needless to say the guy's probably switching to an Android phone.