Man who spat in partner's face, smashed phone condemned

AN IPSWICH magistrate laid into an offender's "deplorable" actions after he spat mucus in his girlfriend's face and smashed her phone to pieces following an argument.

The Rochedale South man stood before Magistrate Virginia Sturgess in Ipswich Magistrates Court to plead guilty to two domestic violence offences of common assault and wilful damage.

Prosecutor Sergeant Brad Dick said on November 11, the man who cannot be named for legal reasons, and his now former partner were having a disagreement when she went to the patio for a cigarette.

The 29-year-old man followed his girlfriend and continued to press her, asking where she had gotten the cigarettes from.

He then flipped a table and spat mucus into her face before grabbing her phone.

She pleaded for him to return the phone as it was her only way of communicating with her young son. Instead, he hurled it on to the ground and broke it.

The court heard she was "disgusted and shocked" by the spit, with spittle hitting her in the eyes.

Ms Sturgess scoffed at a letter written by the man's employer, which said he was a "kind person" whose face "lit up" whenever he talked about his two children.

She said the man must be good at faking a pleasant expression to mask his disgusting actions behind closed doors, as the court heard he had little regard for his former partner when questioned by police over the incident.

Ms Sturgess said the man obviously hadn't considered the victim's inability to contact her own child when he smashed her phone.

"(Spitting in someone's face) is one of the most disgusting acts a human being can do to another," she said.

"It is designed to humiliate and degrade."

While imposing a sentence, Ms Sturgess said it was "borderline" whether the man would be given a prison sentence but that he had employment and a lack of history working in his favour.

The man was handed a two-year probation order, which Ms Sturgess said was for the benefit of anyone who had the "misfortune of getting in a relationship with (him next)".

He also owes the victim $1200 in restitution for the broken phone, to be paid in the next three months.

The court heard he is no longer with his former partner and they do not have contact anymore.