Man sentenced for molesting former partner’s child

A MAN has been sentenced to 15 months jail after being found guilty of molesting his ex-partner's young daughter in 2003.

Prior to the delivery of the sentence, crown prosecutor Matthew Hynes asked Judge David Searles to consider that the man was roughly 20 years older than the victim, who was between six and seven at the time.

He said the man had been in a position of trust, as he was supposed to be caring for the victim as she was home alone and sick on the day she was molested.

Defence barrister Bronwyn Hartigan told the court that the man had a good working history.

She said the fact that more than 10 years had passed since the crime and he had not been convicted with any similar crimes indicated he may already be rehabilitated.

Judge Searles said he considered the victim's impact statement when deciding on the sentence.

He said the victim had had trouble socialising in primary and high schools, and had suffered anxiety and depression as a result of the abuse. Judge Searles delivered the sentence in Mackay District Court yesterday.

He did not give a recommendation for parole, so the man will be eligible to apply halfway through the 15-month jail term.