CAR KICKER: Stephen Graham pleaded guilty to wilful damage.
CAR KICKER: Stephen Graham pleaded guilty to wilful damage.

Man runs from house to fight car after watching UFC at pub

WATCHING the Ultimate Fighting Championship at the local pub might have inspired one man's barbaric interaction with a stranger's car.

In early November, a woman arrived at her home on Golf Links Drive, Gatton, and as her vehicle pulled up, she noticed a strange man run towards the maroon Camry.

Gatton Magistrates Court heard the man was Stephen Graham, a 30-year-old from Gatton.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Courtney Boss said Graham had emerged from a house on Golf Links Drive.

"A male person unknown to (the complainant) has run from the address and has kicked the rear passenger side of her vehicle, causing a minor dent in the door panel," Snr Const Boss said.

"Then he went back into the address."

When police arrived, they confirmed there was indeed a small dent on the vehicle and went to the house Graham had darted from to speak to him.

"He said he had just returned from watching the UFC fight at the Royal Hotel at Gatton and he was intoxicated at the time," Snr Const Boss said.

Graham pleaded guilty to wilful damage.

Magistrate Graham Lee asked Graham if he was able to pay a fine.

"You have no criminal history but I must take into account the cost of damage to the vehicle," Mr Lee said.

Graham was fined $500 and no conviction was recorded.