Glenn Edward Harris, 57, has been jailed for an
Glenn Edward Harris, 57, has been jailed for an "extremely vicious" assault on a police officer in which he ripped a handful of hair from her scalp.

Drunk man rips hair from officer’s scalp in ‘vicious attack’

A MAN has been jailed for an "extremely vicious" assault on a police officer in which he ripped a handful of hair from her scalp.

Glenn Edward Harris, 57, was telling women in the street they had "fat arses" when he was detained by police for traffic offences on June 2.

Police prosecutor Brendan Newman told a court that members of the community had reported Harris's drunken behaviour.

"While he was resisting violently he was able to break free one hand which didn't have a handcuff on it and grabbed onto (the officer's) hair which was in a bun … forcing her head rearwards, straining her neck, causing her to lose control of the defendant and putting her in an extremely vulnerable position," Sergeant Newman said.

"The assault had its effect where (the officer) fell to the ground with the defendant landing on top of her.

"After closed hand tactics were used by the assisting female officer to facilitate regaining control of the situation it was identified the defendant still had a fistful of the hair in his clenched fist which had been ripped from the scalp of the officer.

"An extremely vicious, invasive attack on a person who is in charge of an often difficult task of protecting the community."

Harris was taken to Maroochydore Police Station and, while no longer detained, deliberately tripped the officer over.

The officer suffered pain to her scalp and knee for days following the attack.

Caloundra Magistrates Court heard Harris also assaulted his neighbour at Empress Home Park in Little Mountain on March 15.

Harris entered the man's home before approaching him from behind and striking him several times.

"Once the victim was on the ground, the attack didn't stop," Sgt Newman said.

"He continued to strike the victim until the victim was able to gain control of him."

The victim suffered swelling, lacerations and damage to his cheekbone.

As a result of the attack he requested to be moved from his home to another location in the park.

No reason was offered as to why Harris attacked him.

At Caloundra Magistrates Court yesterday Harris pleaded guilty to 20 charges including seriously assaulting a police officer while adversely affected in a public place, assaults occasioning bodily harm and driving under the influence of liquor.

The court heard Harris was a carpet layer who had issues with alcohol which escalated in 2015 when his partner died.

Magistrate Haydn Stjernqvist said many of Harris's offences were committed while he was on bail.

"The significant issues that need to be observed in the penalty and sentences act are of course deterrence to you, personally and generally to others in the community, to behave the way you did in respect of other members of the public and police," Mr Stjernqvist said.

For the serious assault on the police officer, Harris was given a head sentence of 15 months' imprisonment, to serve four months.

Harris received a total of $3600 in fines and his licence was disqualified for several years.