Kingston Hohepa Emery punched a neighbour in her face.
Kingston Hohepa Emery punched a neighbour in her face.

Man punches woman in neighbourhood dispute

KINGSTON Emery had only just moved into his mother-in-law’s house when he ended up in a violent argument with the neighbours.

An Ipswich court on Thursday heard Emery punched his new neighbour in the face after her partner was bitten on the buttocks by his mother-in-law’s dog.

The court was told the violence erupted amid the chaos of moving house, when the first woman walked over to complain about loud music, only to suffer the painful dog bites.

When her partner came over to see what was happening she was punched when an argument broke out between her and Emery.

The assault has cost Emery a stiff financial penalty as he faced Ipswich Magistrates Court, with the magistrate scolding him for attacking a woman.

Kingston Hohepa Emery, 21, a warehouse worker from Springfield Lakes, pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm on Wednesday, August 12.

Kingston Hohepa Emery punched a neighbour in her face.
Kingston Hohepa Emery punched a neighbour in her face.

Police prosecutor Jack Scott said the incident occurred at 11am after the first woman was bitten by the dog, suffering injuries to her buttocks and legs.

Mr Scott said the woman screamed out for the dog’s owner, with her partner running over to find her in distress, laying near the driveway clutching her buttocks in pain.

There was a verbal argument with the neighbours about the dog attack when Emery walked out from the garage.

Mr Scott said he was verbally aggressive to the injured woman’s partner, then suddenly punched her in the face and neck area with a closed fist.

The court heard police found the woman emotionally distressed, and with a large red lump to her neck.

“When police arrived he admitted assaulting her, saying she was shouting and carrying on,” Mr Scott said.

“On reflection he said he could have dealt with the situation differently.”

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said it was not a case of gratuitous street violence.

He said Emery was moving into his mother-in-law’s house and the music was being played loud and “impacting on the neighbours dwelling that morning”.

“She was in fact yelling at his mother-in-law. He was not even there at the start,” Mr Fairclough said.

“The dog had bitten the other lady.

“It escalated things. He overheard the disturbance and came out.

“He struck out in circumstances where she was egging him on. It was one punch.”

“To a woman,” Magistrate Peter Saggers added.

Mr Fairclough said Emery was a New Zealand citizen with two children and he sought that no conviction be recorded against him.

Mr Saggers fined Emery $1500, and ordered him to pay the woman $1000.

“Do not deal with it that way again,” Mr Saggers warned.