Man pleads not guilty to rape and choking charges

THE night started with a woman being accused of cheating, but ended after two alleged rapes and one alleged choking incident.

That is the night a jury in the Rockhampton District Court will hear about this week after the accused today pleaded not guilty to the two rapes and one choking charge, but did plead guilty to an assault occasioning bodily harm while armed charge.

Crown prosecutor Elise Sargent said the crown alleged the defendant, who had been in a relationship with the alleged victim prior to until August 29, 2019, was not given consent to penetrate the alleged victim's genitalia or rectum.

She said the accused went to the alleged victim's home in North Rockhampton twice on August 28, 2019, and was aggressive towards the victim on both occasions.

"He accused her of cheating on him," Ms Sargent said.

Ms Sargent said it was alleged on the second visit, he was violent and aggressive towards her.

She said he was accused of holding the victim down, raping her twice and punching her in the face.

Ms Sargent said the defendant was accused of beating the victim with a bat and holding her by the neck so she couldn't breath.

She said he allegedly forced the victim to shower in the morning before she walked to her mother's place, while he followed her part way.

Ms Sargent said the victim told her mother about the alleged offences when she arrived at her place.

She said the jury would see CCTV footage and evidence showing where the shirt the woman had worn the night before was later located.

The trial continues tomorrow.