Golden Beach, where the pair were caught with contraband.
Golden Beach, where the pair were caught with contraband. Erle Levey

Man 'off the rails' after flood catastrophe

A FAMILY tragedy and a natural disaster struck two people who fell into the abyss of drugs and jail time.

Aaron James Fletcher, 44, and Ipswich woman Shannon Christene Sirrell, 31, were busted at a Golden Beach unit on the Sunshine Coast.

On Tuesday, Brisbane Supreme Court heard the duo had about 44.6g of a substance that was roughly 72 per cent methylamphetamine, known as ice.

Fletcher was a panel beater but business trouble after the 2011 Queensland floods and a relationship breakup were catastrophic, his barrister Malcolm Harrison said.

"His life ran off the rails.”

Fletcher descended into illegal drug use for a time but was still "a person who can be quite useful in society,” Mr Harrison added.

Sirrell lost two close relatives in tragic circumstances, her barrister James Godbolt said.

"It seemed she didn't deal with the grief ... and started using methylamphetamine,” Mr Godbolt added.

Sirrell had spent 137 days in custody before sentencing.

The pair were caught for the drugs back in 2015 but sentencing took a while for reasons including other, minor court matters Fletcher had.

"Each of you may have been better off if you'd been dealt with earlier,” Justice Debra Mullins told the pair.

She said both were deemed to have made timely guilty pleas.

Fletcher and Sirell were sentenced for crimes including aggravated drug possession, and for illegal possession of fireworks.

As well as the ice, they had an ecstasy pill and small amount of marijuana.

Justice Mullins told Fletcher he still had "a little way to go” to resolving his drug issues.

He was jailed for two years and three months but his 89 days in custody counted as time served and he'll be released on parole on October 2.

Sirrell got 16 months' jail with an immediate release on parole. -NewsRegional