How one man's mail order stunner almost cost $33,000

A GLENVALE man who tried to import two stun guns from an overseas company was lucky the authorities intercepted them before they were delivered, a Toowoomba magistrate has warned.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection on March 5 had intercepted a package containing the two stun guns which was addressed to Toowoomba man Joshua Aaron Beard, the city's Magistrates Court heard yesterday.

Toowoomba police alerted to the package by the department attended the 33-year-old's Glenvale home, police prosecutor Christie Mahoney told the court.

She said the defendant told police he had used a friend's phone to order the stun guns from the China outlet and had paid about $20 by credit card for the items.

He told police he had been copping a hard time from some people and intended using the devices for protection, Senior Constable Mahoney said.

The items had been seized by Australian Customs and had never arrived at their intended Glenvale destination, she said.

Beard pleaded guilty to the unlawful possession of a category D, H or R weapon.

Magistrate Damian Carroll warned him of the seriousness of such offending.

Mr Carroll told Beard he had been charged with attempting to import the devices and would be fined accordingly.

However, His Honour told the 33-year-old that the maximum penalty for actually possessing such items was a $33,000 fine or seven years in jail.

Taking all matters into account, Mr Carroll convicted and fined Beard $400.