Man jailed for ‘vigilante’ attack

A YOUNG man will be eligible for parole in August after what a judge has described as a "vigilante" attack on a man and his partner.

Brodie James Groat pleaded guilty in Bundaberg District Court last Wednesday to one charge of burglary at night in company, two counts of common assault and driving disqualified by court.

Crown prosecutor Carla Ahern told the court, on the night of July 19, one victim received a fake call for help from the mother of one of the co-accused.

When the victim arrived at the home, he was set upon by Groat and the co-accused.

The man was verbally abused by the group and shoved.

Ms Ahern said when the victim was finally able to get to his car, Groat jumped on the bonnet of the vehicle until the victim was able to drive away.

Groat and his friends then pursued the victim for an hour.

The victim called police, and was told to go to the Police Station but his entrance was blocked by Groat and his friends.

The group later entered the home of the victim by pushing their way through the door.

The victim was punched in the jaw and his partner was pushed against the wall.

Ms Ahern said Groat was found days later by police.

She said Groat had a long criminal history for someone of his age and began offending at the age of 14, regularly appearing in court.

The court was told Groat had received jail terms for dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

Ms Ahern said at the time of the offending Groat was subject to a parole order, which was cancelled when he was taken into custody in August last year.

She said Groat's parole sentence had run out in February and he had 84 days of declarable pre-sentence custody.

Ms Ahern said Groat denied being involved in the incident.

Groat's barrister Nick Larter told the court since being in custody, his client had worked in the metal shop of the prison.

Mr Larter said his client also had the support of his family and intended to live with his mother once released.

Judge Leanne Clare described the offending as a "vigilante attack" and said Groat and his friends behaved "like petty thugs".

"You jumped on the bonnet of his (the victim) car and pursued him for one hour, which must have been frightening for him," she said.

"You blocked his entry to the police station, he drove around the block and then gave up."

Groat was sentenced to 21 months imprisonment. He was also disqualified from holding or obtaining a driver's licence for two years. He will be eligible for parole on August 12.