DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Jai William Heard has been jailed for hitting his pregnant partner. Photo: Facebook
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Jai William Heard has been jailed for hitting his pregnant partner. Photo: Facebook

Man jailed for bashing pregnant partner

A MAN has been sent to jail after he "bashed" his pregnant partner and she was left "bleeding everywhere".

New Year's Eve celebrations descended when Jai William Heard, from Tewantin, began drinking heavily and announced to a group of friends that "being in charge was a man's job and women should do as they're told".

The 28-year-old was asked to leave and as his partner, who was four months pregnant, drove them home he backhanded her, striking her glasses and causing a cut to the bridge of her nose.

A heated argument broke out once they arrived home where he struck her in the face again.

"It was forceful, she couldn't see whether it was a fist or an elbow that struck her but contact was made to the area of the victim's left eye," police prosecutor Allison Johnstone said.

"Immediate pain was caused and it began throbbing and pounding.

"The blow also struck the glasses, they did break this time, and the victim's skin was bleeding and over her shirt."

The victim grabbed her phoned and discretely called her father so he could hear the commotion.

Heard realised what was happening, told the victim "you're f----d" and tried to grab the phone before it fell to the ground and broke.

The victim then slipped and fell and curled up on the floor trying to protect herself.

"And then obviously the victim's father's arrived and he's confronted the defendant," Senior Constable Johnstone said.

At Noosa Magistrates Court today Heard pleaded guilty to nine charges including common assault and assault occasioning bodily harm.

Defence lawyer Bernard Bradley said Heard was living with his parents at Tewantin.

He said struggled with a drinking problem and was booked in to see a psychologist next week.

But Heard will have to seek help from inside prison after Magistrate Maxine Baldwin ordered him to serve four months of a 12-month prison sentence.

"You probably nearly died when you walked in to the courtroom and got a female prosecutor and a female magistrate," Ms Baldwin said.

" … you have absolutely no respect for the woman you say is the love of your life.

"You have absolutely little regard for how treating her will impact your daughter."

Ms Baldwin told Heard nobody should have to live with the kind of behaviour he subjected his partner to.

"She's got to try phone her father, get away, tip toe around the children knowing she might get bashed if she does one thing wrong, which of course did happen when you hit her with your fist or elbow," Ms Baldwin said.

"She was bleeding everywhere."

Heard will be eligible for parole on December 20.

He was also given two years' probation, to commence when he gets out of jail, with a condition to complete the Men Choosing Change program.