Worland now has a relapse prevention plan after a spate of offences. (FILE)
Worland now has a relapse prevention plan after a spate of offences. (FILE) monkeybusinessimages

Man involved in finger-chopping case back in court

FIVE grams of meth a day is maybe not the healthiest diet.

But that was typical of Shane Daniel Worland's former lifestyle, a court heard on Friday.

Worland's criminal history included involvement in a 1999 offence when a group got him to help in an attack where another person chopped off two of a meth cook's fingers.

Worland was convicted of grievous bodily harm after a jury trial and jailed for six years for that.

Now in his early 40s, Worland was sentenced this week on charges including drug possession and breaching bail.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard Worland was arrested after allegedly driving under the influence of ice, granted bail in February 2017, but then re-offended.

At one point he was nabbed with a substance containing about 4.2g of pure ice.

On October 6, Worland was caught with steroids and admitted using a stolen car.

He was then locked up, pleaded guilty and kept in custody until sentencing.

The crimes happened at Beaudesert and other parts of southeast Queensland.

But on Friday, defence counsel Julian Noud said Worland was turning over a new leaf.

He said Worland had long-running intravenous drug problems, causing "clinical impairments to his functioning".

At one stage, the addiction involved Worland consuming "at least five grams of meth a day".

Mr Noud said a psychologist assessed Worland, who did not show signs of psychopathy and could still be a functioning community member.

Prosecutor Mitchell Whelan said 18 offences happened when Worland was on bail.

Justice Soraya Ryan sentenced Worland to two years, four months in jail.

But Mr Whelan said Worland spent 315 days in pre-sentence custody, 252 of which could be declared time served.

Justice Ryan ordered immediate parole release. -NewsRegional