Accused in high-speed Toowoomba chase granted bail

A MAN accused of fleeing police in a rental car at dangerous speeds, running stop signs and a red light and nearly hitting a police car has been granted bail as long as he does not drive or drink and stays home at night.

Joshua Graeme Quinn, 25, applied for bail in Brisbane Supreme Court on Tuesday accused of dangerous driving, unlawful use of a motor vehicle, fleeing police and drug driving.

The court heard a rental car Mr Quinn is alleged to been driving fled Toowoomba police when they attempted to pull it over. The car drove through stop signs and red lights and drove at - but did not hit - a police car.

Two police officers who knew Mr Quinn identified him as the driver - but Mr Quinn denies having driven the car and said another officer had placed him in a different location at the time of the alleged offending.

On a separate occasion Mr Quinn was allegedly pulled over by police and tested positive to methylamphetamines.

Defence lawyer Scott Neaves said the identifying police had described a black cap and shirt - but not Mr Quinn's "distinctive facial tattoos".

Mr Neaves said the officer's identification may not have been perfect as they were "shining a torch" through a window of an allegedly speeding vehicle.

Justice David Boddice said Mr Quinn has a lengthy and "appalling" history of traffic offences and, if found guilty, faced time behind bars because of it.

"There is no doubt that the offending is serious when considered in the context of the applicant's past history," he said.

But Justice Boddice said it was not an "overwhelming" case against Mr Quinn.

He granted Mr Quinn bail on condition he did not drink and had to take random breath tests, was banned from driving and had to adhere to a nightly curfew. - APN NEWSDESK