Man fell six floors trying to escape ‘Bandido': court

A SELF-PROCLAIMED Bandidos "police officer for criminals" from Ipswich has lost his bid for bail on a torture charge.

The Brisbane Supreme Court on Thursday heard Trent John Bevin's alleged Boxing Day "bashing" of a Gold Coast resident was so bad that the victim tried to scale down six storeys to escape.

However, the man lost his balance and fell and spent two months recovering in hospital from multiple injuries including leg and face fractures and 11 broken ribs.

The alleged victim continues to have from "post-traumatic" amnesia.

Justice Ann Lyons heard the alleged assault happened over more than two hours on December 26 and that it was sparked by the victim talking about a woman known to the defendant.

Justice Lyons was told Mr Bevin admitted hitting the victim once in the face but denied everything else.

The court heard a 16-year-old witness, the victim and the defendant were using drugs at the time.

Mr Bevin's defence lawyer said he was concerned that the alleged victim was unable to make a statement due to amnesia.

The defence lawyer also questioned the validity of the 16-year-old's testimony because she gave a statement to police after the attack then changed that statement three months later.

Justice Lyons said the alleged victim was seen with significant facial injuries before he tried to escape.

"The witnesses observed the complainant to be terrified, his nose looked broken, his face was swollen and bleeding, his eye was so swollen he could not see out of it." Justice Lyons said.

"It's alleged the repeated assault and threatening behaviour continued for more than two hours and when the complainant saw an opportunity to escape, he ran to the balcony, climbed over the railing and fell six floors."

Justice Lyons said Mr Bevin claimed he was a Bandidos "enforcer" or "police officer for criminals".

"In his interview with police it would seem that he boasted he was a member of the Bandidos and was an enforcer," she said.

"He has a desire to intimidate and he has on his face significant affiliated tattoos of outlaw motorcycle gangs."

Justice Lyons rejected Mr Bevin's bail application saying the 40-year-old was likely to "interfere" with witnesses.

She also outlined the defendant's lengthy criminal history that included multiple weapons offences, driving and public nuisance offences.

Justice Lyons suggested the defendant's "anger management issues" were so bad that the defence's suggestion of daily police reporting would not guarantee the safety of others.

"My major concern is not that he will appear ... it's that he has a violent disposition," she said.

"In particular my concern is that he is at risk of interfering with witnesses.

"Two witnesses have indicated the applicant threatened to kill them if they give evidence." - ARM NEWSDESK