VIOLENT THEFT: Lisa Trudgett injured a man dragged along a road by her ute when she stole his phone.
VIOLENT THEFT: Lisa Trudgett injured a man dragged along a road by her ute when she stole his phone.

Man dragged by ute in theft

A PRE-ARRANGED meeting for the sale of a mobile phone turned into a violent robbery attempt when the buyer attempted to drive away without paying.

Lisa Trudgett arranged to meet the victim at a park to buy his phone, but instead planned to steal it, Ipswich Magistrates Court heard.

In police evidence presented by prosecutor Sergeant Chris O'Neill, the man suffered severe abrasions and was taken to Ipswich Hospital for treatment after he was dragged alongside Trudgett's vehicle.

Lisa Jane Trudgett, 21, from Raceview, pleaded guilty to more than a dozen charges ranging from dangerous driving on January 3, 2019; stealing a mobile phone on January 3; driving without due care and attention at Bundall on June 13, 2019; driving when drug positive (methylamphetamine and MDMA) at Camira on April 28; two counts of stealing fuel; possession of dangerous drugs (methylamphetamine) on December 17, 2018; receiving tainted property (rego plates); unlawful use of a motor vehicle (BMW) in April 2019; driving when unlicensed; and failing to attend court.

She also pleaded guilty to three charges from an incident on November 7 last year, including driving with an expired licence; driving with false plates; and driving when drug positive (methylamphetamine).

Sgt O'Neill said the most serious charge was the dangerous driving relating to the theft of the mobile phone.

In a separate incident on November 7 police attention was drawn to a car Trudgett was driving because it had stolen registration plates. Officers intercepted Trudgett at Riverlink shopping centre with Trudgett agreeing that the plates were likely stolen, telling police they had been put on by another person known only as "Chops".

Trudgett tested positive to ice and she was unlicensed.

Citing her youth, police sought a supervised probation order of up to two years.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said Trudgett at the time had not been living a stable lifestyle, had past drug issues with ice, but was now living a more productive life and living with her mother.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess said the stealing victim advertised his iPhone for sale on Facebook Messenger and Trudgett contacted him.

They met at a park in Raceview and when the man put the boxed iPhone inside the partly open side window to show her with his left arm. Trudgett grabbed the phone and accelerated away.

Ms Sturgess said the man grabbed onto the side of the window door frame with his right hand and was dragged 10 metres until letting go.

The man received severe abrasions to his right forearm, left palm, right knee and back. Trudgett did not stop to assist him, the court heard.

Ms Sturgess noted that when interviewed by police Trudgett told officers what she did "made her feel sick in the stomach".

She had stolen $80 fuel at Ripley and another fuel theft at BP Blacksoil.

Ms Sturgess said a security officer saw a red Holden Commodore at 10.45pm on June 13 in parkland out of bounds to cars at the Art Centre in Bundall on the Gold Coast.

When he walked over she reversed and accelerated harshly. The car collided with a corner of a pillar at the chapel.

The security officer was bumped away by the car and grabbed the door handle which broke off. Trudgett told police she had "freaked out".

In one incident when found with ice Trudgett told police it was not hers and she was only holding it for a friend.

Trudgett was sentenced to an 18-month probation order and must do urine drug tests.

For dangerous driving she was sentenced to four months jail, suspended for 18 months.