A man who crashed his car has pleaded guilty to mid range pca.
A man who crashed his car has pleaded guilty to mid range pca.

Man crashed into tree after being told to leave 18th party

A 50-year-old drunken man who was told to leave a teenager's birthday party after getting into a fight crashed his car on the way home, a court has heard.

Dennis Kevin Hayton appeared in Coffs Harbour Local Court on Monday over the drink-driving incident which took place in the early hours of June 30.

The court heard that on the evening prior, the UK expat attended a family member's 18th birthday party at a Grafton address.

My Hayton had intended to stay at the home, however a number of arguments broke out during the night.

This resulted in Mr Hayton being assaulted and taken to Grafton Base Hospital, where he received seven stitches on his upper lip.

Upon his release from hospital he took a taxi back to the party, however when he returned in his "damaged state" tensions continued to flare and he was advised to leave.

Mr Hayton then left earlier than he intended, a decision which the defence said he regretted.

Police were called to the Clarence Way around 6.30am following reports Mr Hayton's vehicle had collided with a tree.

He had fallen asleep after the accident due to his drunken state, later telling police he had intended to sleep at a rest stop about 1km further down the road from where the accident occurred.

He luckily escaped serious injury - however his vehicle was written off.

A blood-alcohol test returned a reading of 0.125g, and police informally suspended his licence on the spot.

During his sentencing on Monday the defence told the magistrate that Mr Hayton, who works as a labourer, had a clean traffic history in the last 17 years he has held a licence.

"He has suffered significantly by his attendance at the party including the assault and then being advised to then leave the party, having the accident, and now these proceedings," they said.

Magistrate Ian Rodgers took into account Mr Hayton's "unblemished" traffic history when handing down his sentence.

Mr Hayton was convicted and given a $900 fine, and had his licence disqualified for three months with a mandatory interlock period of 12 months.