A man has pleaded guilty to three drug charges in Gatton Magistrates Court. (AP Photo/Richard Vogel, File)
A man has pleaded guilty to three drug charges in Gatton Magistrates Court. (AP Photo/Richard Vogel, File)

Man charged after cops find bong with his name on it

A YOUNG job hunter has copped harsh comments from a Gatton magistrate when he appeared in court after police found a water pipe with his name on it.

The 21-year-old was caught with drugs and a range of drug utensils when police searched his Lilydale home.

Gatton Magistrates Court heard Helidon Police turned up at Jayden Bailey's home, search warrant in tow, at 1.10pm on February 19.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Tim Hutton said Bailey and another person were home at the time.

"He appeared to be affected by a substance at the time," Sgt Hutton said.

"His speech was slurred, his eyes were bloodshot."

As police made their way through the property, they found a clipseal bag on a bedside table, which contained 3 grams of marijuana, as well as a hand grinder.

"The defendant said it was used to cut amounts of the dangerous drug cannabis," Sgt Hutton said.

"Police located in plain sight in the bedrooms, two water pipes and some scissors."

One of the pipes displayed a clue.

"One of the water pipes had the defendant's name printed on it," Sgt Hutton said.

"It (seemed to) have been used to smoke cannabis and the room smelled like burnt cannabis."

The court heard Bailey had told police the marijuana wasn't his, but one of the water pipes did belong to him.

In court, Bailey's lawyer told Magistrate Peter Saggers that his client had been going through stress.

"His father was sent to jail and his mother relocated to Cairns, leaving him alone," the lawyer said.

"He says the cannabis belonged to someone else at the premises who has since been dealt with."

The lawyer told Mr Saggers that Bailey had a job interview later that day for a role at a tobacconist.

Mr Saggers asked for clarity.

"At the tobacconist? Make sure it's just a tobacconist," Mr Saggers said.

Bailey pleaded guilty to drug possession, pipe possession and the possession of drug utensils.

He was fined $1000 and his conviction was not recorded.

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