An angry Craig Arnold arrived at the home of former friends wielding a Samurai sword.
An angry Craig Arnold arrived at the home of former friends wielding a Samurai sword.

Man brandishes Samurai sword in ‘terrifying’ confrontation

ANGRY over a dispute with a friend and her housemate, an Ipswich lad went back to their house armed with a Samurai sword and demanded that a male resident fight him.

A noisy burnout was behind the friction that landed the swordsman Craig Arnold before Ipswich Magistrates Court.

Craig John Arnold, 26, a landscaper from Leichhardt, pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm on Saturday, April 18; going armed to cause fear; doing wilful damage to fence palings; and possession of dangerous drugs - cannabis.

Legal officer for the Crown Rebecca Dowley said Arnold drove away from the house of his friends doing a burnout.

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They then went to his house and confronted him about his driving.

There had been an argument and they left Arnold’s home.

Around 10 minutes later Arnold arrived back at their house and they heard him calling out.

There was a verbal argument with Arnold inviting the young man to fight him out in the street.

Arnold punched the man on the left side of his throat and left, with the man running after his car when Arnold drove off.

Ms Dowley said the woman called out shortly after and the man turned to see Arnold running at him wielding a Samurai sword.

Arnold struck fence palings with the sword causing damage.

He was seen swinging the sword before kicking the fence and again driving off.

Police were called and Arnold was arrested soon after back at his home.

In a search of his residence police officers located a small amount of cannabis in a clip-seal bag, a gel blaster, and the Samurai sword.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said Arnold had since moved on from his friendship with the young woman and instructs that the offending was caused by money Arnold alleges he was owed at the time.

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Mr Fairclough said Arnold instructs that more than a verbal argument happened at his home which was the reason he was angry.

Mr Fairclough said this caused Arnold to drive back to their house and confront them over what allegedly occurred at his house.

He sought for any jail term imposed by the court to grant immediate parole.

Magistrate Donna MacCallum said the offending would have been frightening for the people involved, to be confronted by Arnold walking around with a Samurai sword, and wanting to fight.

“Clearly it would have been terrifying,” she said.

“Police received multiple-000 calls, so clearly lots of people were affected by this and were concerned enough to ring police.”

Ms MacCallum convicted and sentenced Arnold to a nine-month jail term with immediate release to parole.

He was fined $800 for the drug offence.

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