Man blames border closures for hiding under ex’s bed


A South Australian man blamed COVID-related border closures when police found him hiding under his ex-girlfriend's bed in Bracken Ridge in Brisbane, the Sandgate Magistrates Court heard today.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to three charges including breaking and entering, unlawful possession of a drug utensil and contravening a domestic violence protection order.

The court heard the man had been in a tumultuous relationship with the woman for ten years, during which time they had two children together.

The man had returned to South Australia "around two years ago" after the DVO had been issued, to "sort himself out" and reconnect with family, but returned four months ago to visit the children.

It was during one such visit, at around 6.30pm on May 31, that police were called to the woman's home, where they found her "distressed and upset" on the footpath with her children.

The woman told police she was fearful to re-enter her home while the man was there, and he'd repeatedly stopped her and the young children from leaving in their car or in an Uber, emptying their bags over the front lawn and then refusing to release one of his daughters from his grip.



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Police took the man to the watch house and issued him bail under the condition he not go without 100 metres of the home.

One week later, at 4.30pm June 7, a police search revealed the man hiding beneath the bed in the main bedroom, and a bong he'd brought with him.

"He was the sole occupant of the house at that time," police prosecutor Val Crossley told the court.

"He stated that he knew he was not supposed to be at the address but he had nowhere else to go."

Duty lawyer for the defence told the court the man had never planned to stay in Brisbane, but COVID restrictions had impacted his travel plans and he had no choice but to live at his ex-partner's home.

The man now resides at a backpackers in central Brisbane.

He was sentenced to 12 months of probation and a conviction was recorded.

Originally published as Man blames border closures for hiding under ex's bed