Man behind bars after convenience store robbed with pistol

A YOUNG man will remain behind bars until at least December after committing a second armed robbery barely six months after his release from prison for the first crime.

Ipswich District Court heard Bakhit Mohammed Osman, 22, entered the 7-Eleven convenience store at Redbank Plains at 7.40pm on October 12 last year with a friend.

As they approached the counter, his friend showed the cashier a pistol tucked into his waistband before demanding money.

The cashier placed the cash drawer on to the counter but when someone else entered the store, he fled to an office with the money and locked the door.

Osman's co-accused reached into the till and grabbed a couple of $100 notes and the pair departed.

The court heard although Osman was unaware of his friend's intention to rob the store upon entering, he did nothing to stop it and stayed by his friend's side to offer support.

In the Crown prosecution case, senior legal officer Cecelia Bernardin said it was an "unsophisticated but brazen" crime.

The pair was later located and arrested a short distance from the crime scene.

The co-accused was only 17 years old at the time.

Ms Bernardin said she had no victim impact statement to present to the court but it was an understandably "terrifying experience" for the cashier that night. The court heard Osman has been in custody since his arrest for a total of 277 days.

Osman was sentenced in October 2017 to three-year prison sentence, suspended after he had served six months, for robbing a sex worker.

This week, he pleaded guilty to armed robbery in company in Ipswich District Court for the Redbank Plains robbery.

Defence barrister Justin Thomas said Osman was born in North Sudan and was exposed to violence in his homeland before arriving in Australia as a young boy.

Judge Dennis Lynch QC said night-time convenience store operators offered an important service to the community and were "particularly vulnerable" to crimes.

"You didn't really learn any lessons (from his last sentence)," Judge Lynch said.

He sentenced Osman to three years' jail and ordered him to serve the remaining two-and-a-half years of his suspended sentence, all to be served concurrently.

He will be eligible for parole from December 11.