David Kalb, 41. Photo supplied by Westmoreland County Jail
David Kalb, 41. Photo supplied by Westmoreland County Jail

Man arrested for magic mushrooms has euphoric mugshot

A MAN arrested for possessing magic mushrooms has provided an aptly ecstatic mug shot for police.

David Kalb was arrested on Monday evening when Pennsylvania police officers found the 41-year-old loitering outside a neighbour's apartment in Greensburg after losing his keys.

After helping him into his home, police discovered Kalb was hoarding cannabis, 70 mushrooms and "jars containing active ingredients to manufacture psychedelic mushrooms", according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The offender was taken to Westmoreland County Jail in Pennsylvania and provided officers with an appropriately euphoric mug shot.

Kalb appears exceedingly pleased in the picture, despite the fact he is currently still in prison and on a AUD$14,000 bail.

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for 15 December.

It remains unknown whether Kalb was under the influence of any of the substances found in his home when the mug shot was taken.