Man allegedly punched twice trying to protect police

AN IPSWICH magistrate has rejected a guilty plea from a woman accused of assaulting a man following an incident in a shopping centre, after she loudly contested the facts presented to the court.

Tammy Louise Vidler, 43, from Inala, initially pleaded guilty to charges of committing public nuisance and common assault, but Acting Magistrate Brian Kucks did not accept her plea after she challenged the alleged series of events.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Dave Shelton said it was alleged Vidler was at Westfield Garden City shopping centre, at Upper Mount Gravatt, on March 8 when an incident with police occurred.

An onlooker saw this happening and stepped between Vidler and the police in an effort to help the officers.

It is alleged Vidler then told him to "get out of the way" and yelled expletives at him, to which he replied she needed to "let police do their job".

Police alleged she then punched the man twice in the face with a closed fist and continued to interfere, with the victim still blocking her from police.

When asked if she agreed with the facts presented to the court, Vidler said she disputed them.

"Most of that was all bull, I won't swear," she said.

She said she recalled tussling with the man, but not punching him.

She said before she knew it she was being arrested without knowing why.

Mr Kucks did not accept her guilty plea and adjourned the case until July 24, urging Vidler to get legal advice on the matter.