The accused was allegedly armed with a shotgun.
The accused was allegedly armed with a shotgun. Contributed

Man allegedly armed with shotgun in 'terrifying' stand-off

A DAD who was allegedly armed with a shotgun during a three-hour siege at Raceview has been refused bail.

Appearing in the dock of Ipswich Magistrates Court, the 25-year old father of two made a bail application four weeks after his arrest over the incident.

He is charged with assault relating to a domestic violence incident, contravening a domestic violence order, obstructing police at Raceview on May 18; and possession of dangerous drugs and drug utensils.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Carl Spargo said police opposed bail because of the seriousness of the alleged offences.

He said police would claim the man ran at witnesses before barricading himself inside a house with two children.

Police declared a siege situation and it took specialist teams three hours to successfully negotiate with him.

The court was told it would be alleged the man was armed with a modified shotgun.

Snr Const Spargo said the accused had a significant history of violent offences including armed robbery and attempted robbery.

For those offences he served one year of a three-year jail sentence, and received a six-month jail term for an offence of assault causing bodily harm.

Police also allege the accused had issues with drugs and alcohol and had been intoxicated on the evening of the siege where he allegedly made threats to kill.

A woman involved in the Raceview matter told police she received a neck injury.

Defence lawyer Trevor Hoskin said it was not disputed the allegations pertained to a significant domestic violence incident, but the accused was not a flight risk.

Mr Hoskin also told the court there was no visible injury suffered by a woman involved. Magistrate Rob Turra said the nature of the alleged offences was serious with the man accused of threatening violence and while armed.

A woman had been pushed to the ground and an independent witness saw him standing over her in the dirt with a clenched fist, and heard him making threats to kill.

Mr Turra said when he ran into the house and barricaded himself inside, he would have caused terror to the children.

"(It is alleged) You armed yourself with weapons and you refused to release the children," he said.

"It took over three hours for police negotiators to successfully communicate with you for you to exit the house."

Mr Turra found him to be a risk of further offending that would not be reduced by strict bail conditions. Bail was refused and the matters adjourned to July 3.