My Comment column with QT Editor Peter Chapman
My Comment column with QT Editor Peter Chapman David Nielsen

Mall revamp will be all too late for many

IT always saddens me when I see any small business go to the wall.

I know that the closure will mean heartbreak for the owners and that their life savings could well have been lost.

With that in mind a walk through the Ipswich Mall in recent weeks painted a grim picture to me in regards to the future of many shop owners.

My tour featured the last day of Ipswich Sports and despite the tables of bargains on display there was just one other shopper standing with me looking to buy.

I thought if a fire sale of quality sporting goods couldn't bring people into the mall, what could?

The good news for the remaining mall businesses is that council has realised action needs to be taken.

Today's city heart rejuvenation announcement is a great initiative, but for many current mall shop owners staying open while it all happens will be mission impossible.

It is great to be the master of your own destiny and run your own business, but it comes with many hidden traps.

Paying rent 365 days a year, employing staff and buying goods up front leaves many with little room to move if sales are slow.

As funds dry up you need to start dipping into savings and when these are gone you are left with just one choice.

That choice is to select the day you say enough is enough and lock the doors and walk away from a dream that became a nightmare.