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In recent months, we have also introduced some new innovations - including live sports streaming of local junior rugby league and rugby union games. You can expect to see more of that in coming months.

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Look for the Today's Paper module near the top of the website, which shows the actual front page. Click on 'read now' and you can flick through the entire paper.

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Download the Digital Edition on your device, be it desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.
Download the Digital Edition on your device, be it desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Queensland Times

Seeing how your paper looks from the beach or your favourite park, that's gold!


Our app is another way to see our coverage displayed well.

You can also read the digital edition of The Courier-Mail, The Daily Telegraph or check out what Andrew Bolt has to say in the Herald-Sun. If you are into NRL or AFL, their coverage is exceptional.

Last time I checked, not everyone had taken up this offer.

It's easy.

1. If you have previously activated your Courier/Telegraph+ entitlement: Simply visit the Courier/Telegraph website and log in using the subscription email address and password you gave them on redeeming.


2. If you have not previously activated your Courier-Mail+ entitlement: Simply log in to our website, select My Profile, then My Rewards and then follow the links.

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The Courier-Mail and Daily Telegraph also has some wonderful puzzle options available via its site, and I find they're great for family time. Whip out the tablet and let the family join in.


Another bonus in taking up your Courier-Mail or Daily Telegraph subscription is the access it gives you to +Rewards.

You'll find that on the right-hand side of the menu bar at the very top of their home page. There are great freebies and discounts on offer to you.

And why not have a go at Super Coach, another fun family activity? Spend some time with the family picking your team, and starting the battle for bragging rights in either the NRL or AFL season.

There will be an exciting announcement in the next few days about a new SuperCoach game we are launching this month. is the address, and subscribers get to sign up for Super Coach Gold.

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