CHALLENGE: United Australia Party's Majella Zimpel is a candidate for the seat of Blair in next month's federal election.
CHALLENGE: United Australia Party's Majella Zimpel is a candidate for the seat of Blair in next month's federal election. Rob Williams

'Make Ipswich great': Palmer's soldier ready for battle

CLIVE Palmer's Ipswich candidate hopes to claim the seat of Blair by offering solutions and tapping into the number of voters dissatisfied with major political parties.

Borrowing the slogan of US President Donald Trump, Mr Palmer and his 175 national candidates promise to "make Australia great".

Mr Palmer's candidate in Blair, the safe Labor seat, is Majella Zimpel, a former employee in the Queensland Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women.

Ms Zimpel said her early campaigning had been well-received by voters.

"I've gone out into a couple of streets," she said.

"One out of four cars would give us a positive response."

"When I talk to people, they're just tired of the current political situation and they're over it."

Ms Zimpel has done some door-knocking and says "a lot of people are concerned how they're going to survive on the pension".

She said the United Australia Party would "make every day easier for people".

"You've got electricity prices which people can't afford," she said.

"(The party will) increase the pension by $150 a week."

When asked to expand on the policy, Ms Zimpel admitted she was "not 100 per cent sure on the details".

The only hint at the party's pension plans is contained in a manifesto from 2015.

Ms Zimpel, who promotes herself not as a career politician, said people were looking for a new focus from leaders.

"They're sick of politicians being in it for themselves and not for the people," she said.

The single mother of four children says her parental experience has been a driver behind her campaigning.

"I'm looking at the future for my children," she said.

"A lot of businesses are closed and small businesses are one of our major employers.

"I want Ipswich to be a place where my kids can stay here and have jobs here."

The child protection worker said she was lured to Mr Palmer's reborn political party because of its "solution-based" approach to issues.

She backs the party's plan to make mortgages tax deductible up to $10,000 and says Mr Palmer will be supported by Queensland voters.

Ms Zimpel hopes people will do their research and compare the candidates in Blair.

"It's been 12 years and not much has happened," she said.

"Everybody is really sick of it and they want to see some action and a focus on people.

"There's no infrastructure, there's no room in the hospitals, they really need to set Ipswich up.

"Our population is set to double so why aren't we being proactive and dealing with it now?"