Door manufacturer Hume Masterpanel wants to build a new factory in Bundamba.
Door manufacturer Hume Masterpanel wants to build a new factory in Bundamba.

Major manufacturer plans to build new facility

ONE of Australia’s largest door manufacturers has been granted approval for a huge warehouse to be built in an Ipswich industrial area and the same company now wants to construct a new factory on the same site.

Plans to build a 14,892m2 warehouse by Hume Masterpanel in Bundamba have been given the green light by Ipswich City Council.

The facility will be used to store and distribute the door panels manufactured on-site.

Now the company wants approval to build a new factory to replace its existing facility at 36 Masterpanel Lane.

Hume Masterpanel Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of the Australian-owned Hume Group, which has factories and warehouses across the country.

Hume Masterpanel supplies both domestic and international manufacturers and distributors.

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A new development application was submitted this month to build an 8296 sqm factory, which would take up about five per cent of the total site.

A new ‘drying tower’ as part of the proposed development is 52m high.

“The site is currently improved by a factory and associated industrial buildings utilised by Hume Masterpanel Pty Ltd for the manufacture of door panels with an Energex electricity substation also located centrally on the site,” the application notes.

“The land forms part of an expanding industrial area and designated for regionally significant business and industrial uses.

“The land is surrounded by industrial estates including Citiswich Estate and the Parkwest Business Park opposite the site to the south in Hume Drive.

“Recently constructed industrial premises, as well as a gym, are located adjoining the site and nearby including along Hoepner Road as well as opposite in Hume Drive with established industrial uses further to the north including aluminium and beverage manufacturing plants.”

The land is about 360m from the nearest residential area.

The current factory will be decommissioned but the existing wood chip reclaimer, wood chip refiner and boiler will be used in the proposed facility.

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A pre-lodgement meeting was held with the council in December.

“Council was generally supportive of the proposal given the new press line building will replace the existing facility which will be decommissioned,” the application notes.

“The proposed building will incorporate a new press facility which is used for the manufacture of MDF door skins.

“In addition, the proposal will allow for the increase design capacity up to 97,000 tonnes per annum.”

It is proposed the new factory would operate 24 hours a day with 40 operational staff working the day shift and 23 staff for the night shift with 15 daytime office staff.

“The proposed development is primarily a single storey industrial building constructed from tilt up concrete wall panels and zincalume roof sheeting,” the application notes.

“The proposed building is to be setback 258m from the Hume Drive frontage of the site and 8m from the eastern side boundary.”

“Provision will be made for a total of 155 carparking spaces for the new building.”

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