Jamie Dodt breaks away to score for Gatton in last year’s Toowoomba competition.
Jamie Dodt breaks away to score for Gatton in last year’s Toowoomba competition. Dave Noonan

Magpie tests luck at Souths

THE move from Placid Hills to Oxley is paying off for Jamie Dodt.

Last year’s Toowoomba Rugby League player of the year, who doubles as a batsman for the Laidley Blue Dogs in the Ipswich and West Moreton Cricket Association Division One competition, moved to Brisbane to try his hand with Queensland Cup team Souths Logan.

After playing the first game in the FOGS Cup, Dodt was elevated to first grade and has been an integral part of the Magpies backline since.

“I love it,” the 22-year-old said.

Dodt, who won the player of the year award in Toowoomba last season playing centre for the Gatton Hawks, has recently been moved from centre to wing for the Magpies, which sits sixth on the Queensland Cup ladder.

“We’ve got a few players back in from the (Canberra) Raiders so I’m back on the wing,” he explained.

“But I’m still starting so I can’t complain.”

Dodt trialled with the Magpies when he was 18 but found the travel from Placid Hills, just west of Gatton, to Brisbane too much.

“I couldn’t really handle driving down,” Dodt said.

At the end of last year’s footy season he received a call from the Magpies asking if he wanted to return.

The club’s trainer is a friend of Dodt’s Laidley cricket teammate Ben Gibson and Gibson had mentioned Dodt won the TRL player of the year award, leading to the call.

So, he decided to give it another shot, packing his things and moving to Oxley to be closer to Magpies training, though his ambitions were modest.

“At least to play one game of Q Cup,” was his goal, Dodt said. “I’m getting better.

“It’s a harder comp down here.

“Players are bigger, faster and stronger and there’s not as many holes to run into.”

He is still not setting his sights too high, despite being under the constant gaze of Canberra Raiders talent scouts, with the Magpies a feeder club for the National Rugby League side. “Just to start regularly,” Dodt said of his current ambitions.

“I’d like to move back into the centres if I get a chance.

“You’ve always got to set your goals higher but if it comes, it comes.

“If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.”

Dodt hopes to continue playing for the Blue Dogs in summer, but has made league his priority.

While the Magpies allowed him to miss some Saturday trainings when they clashed with cricket, he was forced to miss Laidley’s semi-final because he was trialling with Souths Logan.